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Global Software's. (株式会社グローバルソフトウエアーズ) was a Tokyo software development company established in October 1974. It still exists today, now called Global Science (株式会社グローバルサイエンス), as it was renamed in May 1990. [1]

At least two staff members — programmer Minoru Maeda (前田稔) and graphic designer Hiroki Hayashi (林宏樹) [2] — went on to work at Telenet Japan. Maeda was a founding member of Wolf Team. [3]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, hidden data


  • Ad-Balloon (?) Attack (JP Publisher: Global Software's.)
  • Alpen Ski (JP Publisher: Global Software's.) [Satoshi Namekawa]
  • Surf Rider (JP Publisher: Global Software's.) [Satoshi Namekawa]


  • Juukidou Sentai Cygnus (JP Publisher: Sohacom) [4]
  • Zion (programming?) (JP Publisher: Cross Media Soft)