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Garden logo

Garden Ltd. (有限会社ガーデン) was started in January 2000 by members of Sun Studio, a team of Human contract employees who made Mizzurna Falls (PS1). [1] Naoki Sonoda (薗田直樹) was the president. [2]

Research Methods: Online resources, print

Game Boy Advance

  • Formation Soccer 2002 (JP Publisher: Spike)

PlayStation 2

  • Aikagi: Nukumori to Hidamari no Naka de (co-developed with Hunex) (JP Publisher: Interchannel)
  • Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter (JP Publisher: ASK; EU Publisher: Midas)
  • Air Ranger 2: Rescue Helicopter (JP Publisher: ASK)
  • Air Ranger 2 Plus: Rescue Helicopter (JP Publisher: ASK)
  • Hard Luck / Fire Heroes (JP Publisher: Spike; EU Publisher: 505 Game Street)