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Freestyle Software Limited (incorporated on 11 November 1992) was an English development house based in Chesterfield and later in Sheffield. [1] It was founded and headed by Kevin Norburn, who previously co-founded Gremlin Graphics (later Gremlin Interactive) and Core Design. [2]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Mr. Blobby (EU Publisher: Millennium)
  • Super Street Fighter II (EU Publisher: Capcom) [3]

Game Gear

  • Mega Man (US Publisher: U.S. Gold)
  • Poker Face Paul's Gin (US Publisher: Sega)
Production: Adrenalin Entertainment; Sound: Spidersoft
  • Poker Face Paul's Poker (US Publisher: Sega)
Production, Some Sound: Adrenalin Entertainment; Some Sound: Spidersoft
  • Sports Trivia (US Publisher: Sega)
Production: Adrenalin Entertainment
  • Sports Trivia: Championship Edition (US Publisher: Sega)
Production: Adrenalin Entertainment


  • Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (animation processing) [4]


  • McLaren at Le Mans (unreleased) (Electronic Arts) [5]