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Excellent System Co. Ltd. (株式会社エクセレントシステム) was a Japanese game development company based in Tokyo, mostly involved with medal/video gambling games as well as some arcade games.

For convenience, video gambling games will not be listed here unless they involve other companies.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources (see Links), shared staff


  • Witch (hardware) (Excellent System/Vic Tokai/Sega)
Programming, sound: Graphic Research
  • Grand Cross/Power Flipper Pinball Shooting (Excellent System)
  • Varia Metal (hardware, sound) (Excellent System)
Graphics, programming, game design: Funari
Funari is mentioned in the default high score table. Sound effects are mostly the same as in Grand Cross.
  • Aquarium (hardware?)
Former Technos staff members are credited.


  • Hit Back (Tomy)
?: Funari
Excellent System is mentioned in the staff roll's Special Thanks part.