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E.O. Imagination Inc. (株式会社イーオーイマジネーション) was established on April 26, 1996. Hydlide creator Tokihiro Naito (内藤時浩) was the founder and president. [1]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • DVSSE: DeVelo Super Sprite Editor [on various discs included with Super PC Engine Fan Deluxe]
  • E.O. Dragon Adventure [type-in program for DeVelo Box printed in October 1996 PC Engine Fan]


  • Asuncia: Majou no Jubaku (JP Publisher: Xing)
  • Dragon Money (JP Publisher: Micro Cabin)


  • Lightning Gunner [Game Basic for Sega Saturn sample program]