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Cave Logic Studios logo (taken from Super Famicom/Super NES Ballz 3D).

"Tired of doing games under contract and having all of the code belong to the publisher," Kevin Seghetti and Will Norris set up Cave Logic Studios in 1994 in order "to be able to negotiate shared ownership of engines, libraries, everything which wasn't game specific."

Cave Logic was later renamed Recombinant Limited.

In Their Words: Kevin Seghetti


  • Ballz: The Director's Cut / Ballz: Director's Cut (co-developed with PF.Magic) (US Publisher: Panasonic; JP Publisher: BMG Japan)


  • Cyberthug (unreleased) (MGM Interactive)


  • Cyberthug (unreleased) (MGM Interactive)
  • Velocity (unreleased) (PF.Magic)


  • Velocity (unreleased) (PF.Magic)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Ballz 3D: Fighting at Its Ballziest / 3 Jigen Kakutou Ballz (programming; under PF.Magic) (US Publisher: Accolade; JP Publisher: Media Rings)

Cave Logic/Recombinant also developed a 3D engine called World Foundry.