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CAPS Inc. (有限会社キャプス) was a development company in Shinjuku, Tokyo. [1] [2] Tsutomu Hagiwara (萩原務) was the president before heading up Doda. [3]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, shared staff


  • Special Jinsei Game (co-developed with VR-1 Japan?) (JP Publisher: Takara)


  • Fist (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
?: Genki; Some Graphics: Helloween?; Sound: Studio Cliche
  • Fun! Fun! Pingu: Youkoso! Nankyoku e (JP Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment)
"Pocket Pingu": C-lab.; Sound: Manual of Errors Artists; Some Debugging: CatzPawz
  • Option Tuning Car Battle (JP Publisher: MTO)
  • Option Tuning Car Battle 2 (JP Publisher: Jaleco)
Some Graphics: Helloween; Sound: Swym Standard Pro
  • Option Tuning Car Battle Spec R (JP Publisher: MTO)
Some Graphics: Helloween; Sound: Manual of Errors Artists
?: Genki; Some Graphics: Helloween?; Sound: T's Music
  • Shutokou Battle Gaiden: Super Technic Challenge: Drift King e no Michi (JP Publisher: Media Quest)
Supervision: Genki; Some Graphics: Helloween?; Sound: Crescendo

PlayStation 2

  • EX Jinsei Game (some programming?) (JP Publisher: Takara)
3D Graphics: Salamander Factory; Sound: Pure Sound
  • EX Jinsei Game II (some programming?) (JP Publisher: Takara)
  • LowRider: Round the World / Lowrider (game design support, some programming) (JP Publisher: PCCW Japan; US Publisher: Jaleco)