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Bottom Up (株式会社ボトムアップ) was a publisher and developer started by former Natsume employees. It went bankrupt in March 2000. [1] The development staff proceeded to join the Japanese subsidiary of Korean company Softmax. [2]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews, shared staff

NOTE: Only games we have credits for will be added.


  • Golf Shiyouyo / Tee Off (JP Publisher: Bottom Up; US/EU Publisher: Acclaim)
Model Design, Motion Design: Scarab; Voice Actor Casting, Compilation Direction: Dream Japan

Game Boy Color

  • Gran Duel: Shinki Dungeon no Hihou (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
What is Studio Vex?
Music, Sound Effects: Pure Sound

Nintendo 64

  • 64 Oozumou (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
Sound: Pure Sound
  • 64 Trump Collection: Alice no Waku Waku Trump World (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
Music, Sound Effects: Pure Sound
  • Onegai Monsters (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
Sound Design, Sound Effects/Data Preparation: Pure Sound

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Kouryuu no Mimi (JP Publisher: VAP)
Sound Programming, Sound Effects: Pure Sound
  • Spark World (JP Publisher: Den'Z)
Sound: Pure Sound
  • Sugoroku Ginga Senki (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
Sound: Pure Sound