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Boone Corporation was a computer software company started by Stanford University student Mike Boone in June 1982 and incorporated on September 17, 1982. [1] It was at one time appraised at more than $1 million. [2]

After a dramatic rise, the company struggled due to a number of market and internal problems. [3] Everyone was laid off in October 1983, and the company suspended operations. [4] A group of former Boone programmers led by Brian Fargo went on to start Interplay. [5]

Mike Boone began selling self-made dry erase boards in 1984. [6] In 1989, he formed Boone International to market them. [7] He sold the company in 1999 [8] and later co-founded Cremo Company, a maker of shave cream. [9]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews, online resources (see Links)

Apple II

  • Demon's Forge (rewrite) (US Publisher: Boone)
Originally developed and published by Saber Software; later republished by Mastertronic

Commodore 64

  • Chuck Norris Superkicks (under subcontract with Product Guild?) (US Publisher: Xonox) [Rebecca Heineman]
  • Final Eclipse (unreleased) (Boone)


  • Championship Golf: Pebble Beach (unreleased) (Toshiba)
Later completed by Interplay and published by Gamestar


  • Chuck Norris Superkicks (US Publisher: Xonox) [Rebecca Heineman]
  • Crater Raider (US Publisher: Boone)
  • Cyclon (US Publisher: Boone)
  • Moodies in Iceland (unreleased) (Boone)
Licensed from Kent Toys
  • Robin Hood (under subcontract with Product Guild?) (US Publisher: Xonox) [Rebecca Heineman]


  • Curse of Coral Island (unreleased) (Boone)