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Qix (Game Boy) front cover

Your objective is to draw lines called Stix to claim as much of the playfield as possible. Just watch out for the Sparx, the Fuse, and the titular, unpredictable Qix (pronounced "kicks").

Did you know the original arcade version of Qix was developed in America, designed by husband and wife Randy and Sandy Pfeiffer? Mr. Pfeiffer might even acknowledge it was his if you ask nicely. (Please don't bother him.)

Numerous sequels, updates, ports, and clones have followed. And now, the Game Boy version is available through the 3DS Virtual Console.

First released in 1990, Game Boy Qix is a straightforward conversion of the original. There is, however, the added possibility of seeing Mario in a sombrero or working as a matador after beating the 1-player game, depending on your score.

Thanks to US copyright records, we now know that Minakuchi Engineering was responsible for Game Boy Qix. The Canadian copyright record even lists people who worked on it who would have otherwise gone uncredited. Among them is composer Toru Osada, who also worked on the shooter Solar Striker. (Don't bother him, either.)

Commercial featuring a young Brian Austin Green


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