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CRV 12:52, 19 October 2009 (UTC) [permalink] [comments]

After many months, my interview with Beyond Interactive CEO Hitoshi Akashi is finally up. Akashi has previously worked for Communicate, Sonata (which later became Human), Zap, and Electronic Arts Victor. He was also involved in the development of some Family Trainer/Power Pad/Family Fun Fitness games. All that and more are talked about in the interview.

Because of language barrier issues, Akashi's answers required lots of rewriting, editing, and cleaning up. I had to do the same sort of thing with the Shouichi Yoshikawa interview. Not exactly what a professional publication would do, I'm sure, but I'd like to think writers for professional publications would stay away from e-mail interviews in general. I can say this much - I tried to maintain the intent of the original answers. Think of it as an English-to-English translation. As with a Japanese-to-English translation, fixes and adjustments and rewordings may be made in the future as necessary. There's still a little awkwardness in there. I also changed a couple of my questions slightly. That's something I usually avoid, but with all the other changes, why not? Oh, and I might ask Akashi some more questions.

My thanks to Akashi-san for all his time and patience. I'm sorry for taking so long! Everybody who's not Akashi-san, be sure to check out Tappy Typing, available on the iPhone App Store.

Read the interview now!


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