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CRV 09:01, 11 March 2012 (CDT) [permalink] [comments]

Video System is an interesting case study. Here's a company that was making shooting and mahjong games throughout the '90s, but rather than fade into obscurity right away, it made the transition to 3D games. Didn't seem to help much, shutting down in 2001, but still...

What got me thinking about Video System was one of those 3D games, F1 World Grand Prix for the Dreamcast, which I picked up recently. I actually ended up enjoying it, even though Formula One cars are harder to drive. It looks very good for the time and has all the settings and features that I usually don't bother with.

Even though Japanese people worked on this, everything has a certain British sensibility. That might be because much of the work was apparently done at Video System's British studio. Yes, Video System had a British studio. You didn't know that, did you? To be continued...maybe.


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Persona said ...

<comment date="2012-03-11T20:33:00Z" name="Persona" url=""> This game's got some pretty slick menu UI + bgm. Not a bad looking game! </comment>

[email protected] said ...

<comment date="2012-04-12T11:12:21Z" name="[email protected]" signature="[email protected]"> wasn't their studio in Liverpool and somehow Psygnosis related? </comment>

CRV said ...

<comment date="2012-04-12T13:47:45Z" name="CRV" url="" signature="CRV"> Video System was in Manchester. Don't know about Psygnosis. (They both made Formula 1 games, though.) </comment>

Lance Boyle said ...

<comment date="2012-04-24T00:58:51Z" name="Lance Boyle"> Yeah, the whole Video System stuff was quite weird. All they released on their final years were F1 racing games (including one by Ubisoft, believe it or not) and that N64 Aero Fighters game.

Didn't know they had a British studio, though. </comment> <endFeed />

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