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CRV 12:47, 31 October 2011 (CDT) [permalink] [comments]

Deathmask. Naga. Headless Harn. Fend off these and other fearsome freaks as you journey through the pits of Hell in this fighting game starring digitized combatants.

Generally panned at its release, Battle Monsters for the Sega Saturn does have one interesting feature: big, multi-platformed stages. There's even a stage in which you can knock your opponent into a man-eating plant.

The Mortal Kombat influence is obvious, but there's not as much blood and gore. "Fatalities" (or really any kind of big, showy finishing moves) might have actually been fitting here.

Battle Monsters
Deathmask (left): More Herman Munster than Frankenstein's Monster

Otherwise, this is a decent, playable game, but fighting game afficionados will only want this for laughs. Pick it up cheap.

Development. What do Battle Monsters and Atomic Robo-Kid have in common? They're both games you've never heard of? Perhaps, but they were also made by some of the same people. Developer Scarab was started by former UPL employees.

Scarab developed another digitized fighting game, Survival Arts (arcade), and another horror-themed fighting game, Killing Zone (PlayStation), this time using 3D graphics.


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