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CRV (talk) 15:39, 20 May 2018 (UTC) [permalink]

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Someone posted a nice little surprise on Twitter — two lists of Atlus games they received when they interviewed at the company years ago. [1] The first is a list of games developed for other companies going back to 1986, when Atlus was established. Well-worn ground on this site, but it's nice to have official documentation straight from the source. Yes, Atlus toiled away as a contract developer in its early years, making games like Karate Kid for LJN in between bigger projects like Megami Tensei and Xexyz.

Games like Megami Tensei showed that Atlus had more going on than a lot of contractors, which brings us to the second list. These are original titles that were self-published, starting in 1989. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Below is a translation of the lists, followed by some notes and observations:

Atlus Co., Ltd. Development Works List
(as of April 1, 1991)

   Title                                        Genre        Platform     Publisher                  Release Date
01 Ginga Denshou                                STG          FC           Imagineer                  86
02 Labyrinth                                    ACT          FC           Tokuma Shoten              87
 (game based on a film)
03 Bio Senshi Dan                               ACT          FC           Jaleco                     87
04 Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei           RPG          FC           Namco                      87
05 The Karate Kid                               ACT          NES          LJN                        87
 (game based on a film)
06 Major League Baseball                        SPT          NES          LJN                        87
 (US Major League Baseball)
07 Gotcha!                                      ETC          NES          LJN                        87
 (survival game)
08 T&C                                          SPT          NES          LJN                        87
09 Jaws                                         ACT          NES          LJN                        87
 (game based on a film)
10 Kame no Ongaeshi [Xexyz]                     ACT          FC           Hudson                     88
11 Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken               ADV          FC           Namco                      88
12 Appare! Gateball                             SPT          PC           Hudson                     88
13 King of Kings                                SLG          FC           Namco                      88
14 NFL                                          SPT          NES          LJN                        88
 (NFL football)
15 13 Nichi no Kinyoubi [Friday the 13th]       ACT          NES          LJN                        88
16 Kyuukyoku Tiger                              STG          PC           Taito                      89
17 Dungeon Explorer                             ACT          PC           Hudson                     89
18 Construction Tool: Maze-kun                  PZL          PC88/98      Telenet Japan              89
19 PC Genjin [Bonk's Adventure]                 ACT          PC           Hudson                     89
20 Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu: PC Bangai-hen  SPT          PC           Naxat                      90
21 Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II        RPG          FC           Namco                      90
22 Maniac Pro Wres                              RPG          PC           Hudson                     90
23 Battle Fleet                                 SLG          FC           Namco                      90
24 Bikkuriman: Gekitou Sei Senshi               RPG          FC           Hudson                     90
25 Ankoku Densetsu [Legendary Axe II]           ACT          PC           Victor Musical Industries  90
26 Jantei Monogatari                            ETC          CD           Telenet Japan              90
27 Power Eleven                                 SPT          PC           Hudson                     91


 (Genre) STG = Shooting, ACT = Action, RPG = Role-Playing, SPT = Sports, ADV = Adventure
         SLG = Simulation, PZL = Puzzle, ETC = Other

 (Platform) FC = Famicom, PC = PC Engine, NES = US Famicom, CD = CD-ROM

[Editor's Additions]
Atlus Co., Ltd. Development Works List (original)
(as of April 1, 1991)

   Title                                        Genre        Platform     Release Date               US Version
01 Puzzle Boy [Kwirk]                           PZL          GB           11/89                      O
02 Cosmo Tank                                   ACT          GB           6/90                       O
03 Puzzle Boys                                  PZL          FD           8/90
04 Pocket Stadium                               SLG          FC           12/90
05 Totsugeki! Valetions [Spud's Adventure]      ACT          GB           1/91
06 N.Y Nyankies [Rockin' Kats]                  ACT          FC           4/91
07 Quiz Marugoto the World                      ETC          CD           4/91
08 Tranqui-Lander                               STG          AM           Coming 91
09 Mesopotamia [Somer Assault]                  ACT          PC           Coming 91
10 Denshi Techou Puzzle Boy                     PZL          PA           Coming 91
11 Puzzle Boy II                                PZL          GB           Coming 91
12 Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race [Wacky Races]   ACT          FC           Coming 91
 (game based on a TV anime)
13 Armored Police Metal Jack                    ACT          SF           Coming 91
 (game based on a TV anime)
14 Jantei Monogatari II                         ETC          CD           Coming 91
15 Shin Megami Tensei                           RPG          SF           Coming 92
16 Tranqui-Lander                               STG          SF           Coming 92


 (Genre) STG = Shooting, ACT = Action, RPG = Role-Playing, SPT = Sports, ADV = Adventure
         SLG = Simulation, PZL = Puzzle, ETC = Other

 (Platform) GB = Game Boy, FC = Famicom, FD = Famicom Disk, PC = PC Engine, PA = Sharp Electronic Organizer
            NES = US Famicom, CD = CD-ROM, AM = Arcade, SF = Super Famicom

[Editor's Additions]
  • Games like Jaws that were contracted to Atlus, but subcontracted to other companies (like Westone) are included.
  • LJN's X-Men was developed in Japan, but it's nowhere to be found here. There was the possibility it was a Jaws-type situation, but now I assume that was not the case and Atlus had no involvement.
  • Arkanoid (FC/NES) and Seiken Psycho Calibur (FDS) are not listed, even though sound designer Tsukasa Masuko has said he worked on them at Atlus.
  • Karate Kid is referred to by its English name, not its Japanese name (Best Kid), while Friday the 13th is referred to by its Japanese name.
  • Pocket Stadium says Famicom, but it came out for Game Boy.
  • Unreleased games aren't included.
  • That said, I couldn't find any information on Denshi Techou Puzzle Boy.
  • Tranqui-Lander seems to be a working title for BlaZeon. Tranqui-Lander is the name of the weapon you use to possess the game's so-called "Bio-Cyborgs".
  • A few games on the second list did eventually get a US release.