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Toka was a French development studio established by Carlo Perconti and Lyes Belaidouni, who had previously run Arcade Zone. The company was established in 1995 [1] and closed up around 2001. They had a publishing connection with Japanese studio Idea Factory in their later years, and their last game, Hidden Invasion, was at one point scheduled for release in Japan by Idea Factory under the title Gun Hearts.

Research Methods: Actual mentions


  • Soul Fighter (US Publisher: Red Orb Entertainment; EU Publisher: Mindscape)


  • Burning Road (US Publisher: Playmates Interactive; EU Publisher: Softgold; JP Publisher: VIC Tokai)
  • Explosive Racing / X.Racing (EU Publisher: Funsoft; JP Publisher: Nichibutsu)
  • Legend (EU Publisher: Funsoft)

PlayStation 2

  • The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (EU Publisher: Swing!)
  • Hidden Invasion (US Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment; EU Publisher: Swing!)
  • Sky Surfer (EU Publisher: Midas Interactive; JP Publisher: Idea Factory)