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===Super Famicom/Super NES===
===Super Famicom/Super NES===
*''Brimstone'' (unreleased) (Taito)
*''Brimstone'' (unreleased) (Taito) [http://dogma5150.wordpress.com/teknocrest-1994-to-1995/brimstone/]

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Teknocrest, Inc. was a developer headquartered in Monterey Park, California. It was incorporated on December 20, 1993. Masato Okuda was the president. [1] The company became very close with Taito, but nothing was ever released. [2]

Research Methods: Online resources

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Lufia & the Fortress of Doom (unreleased) (Taito)


  • Farstar (unreleased) (Taito) [3]

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Brimstone (unreleased) (Taito) [4]