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This entry is not finished. Please use with caution.

It is possible that Technical Wave is not the name of this developer, but we are pretty sure both games listed below were by the same company, considering the amount of shared staff.

We got the name "Technical Wave" from Sorcer Kingdom / Sorceror's Kingdom. The ROM contains the following text string:

This softwear was producted by  Nippon Computer Systems Corporation in 1991.    Copyright (c) 1992 T-WAVE Ltc.

The following string appears in the ROM twice:


Also, Technical Wave is credited as "Game Designer." From that, one might infer that it was only responsible for game design. But since the name pops up in the ROM as mentioned before, that is probably not the case (the name appearing would most likely be the result of programming, not design).

Research Methods: ROM text, shared credits

Mark III/Master System

  • Taz-Mania (EU Publisher: Sega; BR Publisher: Tec Toy)

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Sorcer Kingdom / Sorceror's Kingdom (JP Publisher: Masaya; US Publisher: Treco)