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Nexece Inc. (株式会社ネクセス). Appears to have included a number of former Sankindo/Face staff.

Game Boy Color

  • Jagainu-kun (JP Publisher: Victor Interactive Software)
?: Aquariu-Arts; Sound: Reeb


  • Baroque Syndrome (JP Publisher: Sting)
Sound: Reeb
  • Sound Novel Evolution 1: Otogirisou Sosei-hen (JP Publisher: Chun Soft)
Sound: Reeb
  • Sound Novel Evolution 3: Machi: Unmei no Kousaten (some silhouette mode graphics) (JP Publisher: Chun Soft)
  • The Airs (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Soft)
Scenario: Aquariu-Arts, J-project; Character Design: Marucome, Office TE; Sound: Reeb