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< [[Companies]]
Company that did graphics? [http://www.mic-jpn.com/ This one]?
'''[[About:Research Methods|Research Methods]]:''' [[Mic (credits)|shared staff]]
'''[[About:Research Methods|Research Methods]]:''' [[Mic (credits)|Shared staff]]
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*<div style="color:red">''Gon'' (JP Publisher: Bandai)</div>
*<div style="color:red">''Gon'' (JP Publisher: Bandai)</div>

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Company that did graphics? This one?

Research Methods: Shared staff


  • Dai Kaijuu: Deburas (JP Publisher: Data East)
???: Sol
  • Hyokkori Hyoutan Jima: Nazo no Kaizoku Sen (graphics?) (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
Sound: Light Link Music
  • Karakuri Kengouden Musashi Road: Karakuribito Hashiru! (JP Publisher: Yutaka)

Game Boy

  • G-Arms: Operation Gundam (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Kamen Rider SD: Hashire! Mighty Riders (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
  • SD Sengokuden 2: Tenka Touitsu-hen (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • SD Sengokuden 3: Chijou Saikyou-hen (JP Publisher: Bandai)

Game Gear

  • SD Gundam: Winner's History (JP Publisher: Bandai)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Kamen Rider SD: Shutsugeki!! Rider Machine (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam Cross Dimension 0079 (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Original Story, Game Design, Direction: Cross Range; Music: Light Link Music; Sound Program: Mint?
  • Kidou Senshi Z-Gundam: Away to the Newtype (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Direction, Screen Play: Cross Range; Music, Sound: Mint
  • Gon (JP Publisher: Bandai)