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Intron AB was a company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that developed accounting and administrative software and video games. It was started by Peter Inser, who left Philips in 1981. Intron ceased game development in January 1985, but remained in business until 1997. [1]

Research Methods: Online resources


  • Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (EU Publisher: Philips) [Erkka Suopanki]
  • Congo Bongo (EU Publisher: Philips) [Gudmund Thorgeirsson]
Development may have been finished by Philips.
  • Game inspired by Datasoft's Bruce Lee (unreleased)

Odyssey 2/Videopac G7000

  • Air Battle / Barão Vermelho! (EU/BR Publisher: Philips) [Erkka Suopanki]
  • Clay Pigeon! (BR Publisher: Philips) [Göran Öhman]
  • Frogger (EU/BR Publisher: Parker) [Göran Öhman - programmer]
  • Nightmare (EU Publisher: Philips) [Peter Inser]
  • Verkehrsspiele 1 / Kinder im Verkehr 1 (DE Publisher: CSV, Philips)
  • Verkehrsspiele 2 / Kinder im Verkehr 2 (DE Publisher: CSV, Philips)

VG 5000µ

  • Le Fou Volant (FR Publisher: Philips)
  • Helicoptere (FR Publisher: Philips)
  • US Rallye (FR Publisher: Philips)

Videopac+ G7400

  • Helicopter Rescue (EU Publisher: Philips) [Gudmund Thorgeirsson]
  • Trans American Rally (EU Publisher: Philips) [Göran Öhman]