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Started in January 1990 [1], GTE Interactive Media (GTE-IM) was a Carlsbad, California-based division of GTE Vantage, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the telecom GTE Corporation. Products were published under the GTE Entertainment label. [2] Prior to being renamed in 1994 [3], GTE-IM was known as GTE ImagiTrek. [4] With a downturn in the CD-ROM market and an inability to find a buyer for the division, the announcement was made in January 1997 to shut it down on March 14 of that year. [5]

In addition to the games listed below, GTE-IM developed and published educational software and other interactive multimedia products.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, shared staff


  • Jammit (US Publisher: GTE Entertainment)
Programming: BC Computing, Visual Integration


  • Time Traveler (Sega) [6]


  • Jammit (US Publisher: GTE Entertainment)
  • NCAA Championship Basketball (US Publisher: GTE Entertainment)
Online Programming Conversion: Junglevision Software [7]


  • Timelapse (US Publisher: Hammerhead Entertainment)
Additional Development ("helped complete" [8]): Cyberflix

Mega CD/Sega CD

  • Hammer vs. Evil D. in Soulfire (unreleased) (Sega) [9]

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Jammit (US Publisher: Virgin)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Jammit (US Publisher: GTE Entertainment)
Sound Driver: Chip Level Designs
  • Street Hockey '95 (US Publisher: GTE Entertainment)
Sound Driver: Chip Level Designs


  • Timelapse (US Publisher: GTE Entertainment; DE Publisher: Philips Interactive Media)
Additional Development ("helped complete" [10]): Cyberflix