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(Presumably people have beat these games, just not on Youtube where we can all see it and get the credits.)

1. Spiral Wave (PC Engine)

An obscure game even in Japanese circles, I think. It's a third-person shooter with a lot of text. Fortunately, I did find someone who said they worked on it at Gingham Soft.

2. Road Prosecutor (LaserActive)

There's plenty of LaserActive footage out there, yet no full playthroughs of Road Prosecutor, the port of Data East's Road Blaster. There are other LaserActive games I'd like to see the credits for, but this is the big one. Was it by Seraphic (Triad Stone)?

3. Touge King the Spirits / High Velocity (Saturn)

One of those non-shooting games by Cave. Does this one even end (same goes for Peak Performance on PlayStation)? I've yet to see anyone complete the game. I know the sequel, developed by SIMS, has an ending, but I had to cheat to see it.

4. Metal Max 2 Kai (Game Boy Advance)

Now Production put out this port of Data East/Crea-Tech's RPG Metal Max 2. Very little footage online.

5. Grappler Baki: Baki Saidai no Tournament / Fighting Fury (PlayStation 2) OR Various Sports Titles

An early fighting game for the PS2 based on a manga series, this one is listed in Arc System Works 25th Anniversary Official Character Collection. It's also kind of a bunt as far as selections go, because people have beat this one, or some mode of it, but there is no staff roll. And yet, someone filled in other companies who worked on it on the Arc System Works entry.

If this doesn't count, feel free to substitute a tennis or baseball game that may be connected to Now Production.