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Ed & Linda Averett circa 1982

Averett & Associates (referred herein as "A&A") consisted of husband and wife Ed Averett and Linda Averett. The name shows up in an feature from Video Games magazine about women in the video game industry. According to the article, Linda holds a degree in engineering physics and usually did the programming for A&A while Ed did the graphics. [1] However, it has been claimed elsewhere that Linda did not actually do any programming and was only given any credit by Ed so she would not feel left out. [2]

Ed left Intel to program Odyssey² games under contract. Since Magnavox could not afford to hire him, he was given royalties. [3]

Research Methods: Online resources (see Links), shared staff)


  • Alien Invaders - Plus! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Alpine Skiing! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Attack of the Timelord! (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Blockout! / Breakdown! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Casino Slot Machine! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Conquest of the World (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Dynasty! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Electronic Table Soccer! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Freedom Fighters! (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, The (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Hockey! / Soccer! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • I've Got Your Number! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Invaders from Hyperspace! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • K.C. Munchkin! (US Publisher: Philips)
  • K.C.'s Krazy Chase! (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Math-A-Magic! / Echo! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Monkeyshines! (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Pachinko! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Pick Axe Pete! (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Pocket Billiards! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Power Lords (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Quest for the Rings, The (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Showdown in 2100 A.D. (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Speedway! / Spin-Out! / Crypto-Logic! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Take the Money and Run! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • UFO! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • Volleyball! (US Publisher: Magnavox)
  • War of Nerves! (US Publisher: Magnavox)