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Game Developer Research Institute (GDRI) was established on August 26, 2006. Our mission is to figure out who really developed the games we have all enjoyed over the years.

What do you mean "really" develop? For years, we've taken for granted who developed our favorite games. The publisher took the credit or the blame for the games it released. But the fact is that there were individuals involved in making those games. And they didn't always work for the publisher.

These individuals might have actually worked for a development house contracted with the task of making games for the publisher. Sometimes, the publisher had no objections to revealing the developer. But many times, the developer's identity was concealed completely or only mentioned as an afterthought.

There are various reasons for this. The developer might not have cared about recognition. Or in the case of the elusive TOSE, it might not have wanted any at all. When it comes right down to it, the game industry is a business. For many, making these games was just a job and the primary objective was a paycheck, not being recognized for their work.

Are there cultural differences when it comes to crediting developers? Yes, this appears to be the case. In Western games,