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*''Adventures of Tron'' [Hal Finney, Glenn Hightower]
*''Air Raiders'' [Larry Zwick]
*''Armor Ambush'' [Hal Finney]
*''Astroblast'' [Hal Finney]
*''Dark Cavern'' [Hal Finney]
*''Frogs and Flies'' [David Rolfe]
*''International Soccer'' [Kevin Miller]
*''Lock 'n' Chase'' [Bruce Pedersen]
*''Sea Battle'' / ''High Seas'' (unreleased) [Larry Zwick, Bruce Pedersen]
*''Sharp Shot'' (unreleased) [Jeff Ronne]
*''Space Attack'' [Hal Finney, Bruce Pedersen]
*''Super Challenge Baseball'' [David Rolfe]
*''Super Challenge Football'' [Ken Smith]
*''Tron Deadly Discs'' / ''Deadly Discs'' [Jeff Ronne, Brett Stutz]
*''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain'' [Tom Loughry]
*''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain'' [Tom Loughry]

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  • Adventures of Tron [Hal Finney, Glenn Hightower]
  • Air Raiders [Larry Zwick]
  • Armor Ambush [Hal Finney]
  • Astroblast [Hal Finney]
  • Dark Cavern [Hal Finney]
  • Frogs and Flies [David Rolfe]
  • International Soccer [Kevin Miller]
  • Lock 'n' Chase [Bruce Pedersen]
  • Sea Battle / High Seas (unreleased) [Larry Zwick, Bruce Pedersen]
  • Sharp Shot (unreleased) [Jeff Ronne]
  • Space Attack [Hal Finney, Bruce Pedersen]
  • Super Challenge Baseball [David Rolfe]
  • Super Challenge Football [Ken Smith]
  • Tron Deadly Discs / Deadly Discs [Jeff Ronne, Brett Stutz]


  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain [Tom Loughry]
  • Armor Battle [Chris Kingsley]
  • Auto Racing [Larry Zwick]
  • Boxing [Tom Loughry]
  • Brickout! (unreleased) [Rich O'Keefe]
  • Explorer (unfinished)
  • Frog Bog [Peter Kaminski, Tom Soulanille]
  • Land Battle (unreleased) [Glyn Anderson]
  • Major League Baseball / Baseball [David Rolfe]
  • NASL Soccer / Soccer [Kevin Miller]
  • NBA Basketball / Basketball [Ken Smith]
  • NFL Football / Football [Ken Smith, Glyn Anderson]
  • NHL Hockey / Hockey [Ken Smith]
  • PGA Golf / Golf [Scott Bishop]
  • Sea Battle [Ken Smith]
  • Sharp Shot [Frank Evans]
  • Space Battle [Hal Finney]
  • Sub Hunt [Tom Loughry]
  • Tennis [Gavin Claypool]
  • Triple Action [Rich O'Keefe]
  • U.S. Ski Team Skiing / Skiing / Alpine Skiing [Scott Reynolds]