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Not to be confused with the publisher VAP

Visual Arts Production (株式会社ビジュアルアーツプロダクション) (V.A.P) was a company in Nerima City, Tokyo, involved in the planning and production of animated films, TV commercials and promotional videos, and video games. It was established on June 13, 1983. [1] Tooru Yamamoto (山本徹) was the president. [2] As to video games, V.A.P mostly did dot graphics work for Taito.

Algo-Nicus was allegedly started by former staff. [3]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, shared staff


  • Akkanvader / Space Invaders '95: The Attack of the Lunar Loonies (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Aqua Jack (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Arabian Magic (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Cadash (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Darius Gaiden (some graphics) (Taito)
Some Graphics: A Wave, NJK Techno
  • Dead Connection (some graphics) (Taito)
Some Graphics: A Wave
  • Don Doko Don (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Dr. Toppel Tankentai / Dr. Toppel's Adventure (some graphics) (Taito)
Programming, Some Graphics?: Kaneko
  • Double Axle (some graphics) (Taito) [4]
  • Elevator Action Returns / Elevator Action II (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Gridseeker: Project Storm Hammer (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Gunbuster (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Kaiser Knuckle / Global Champion (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Metal Black (some graphics) (Taito)
Some Graphics: A Wave
  • Mizubaku Daibouken / Liquid Kids (some graphics) (Taito)
  • The Ninja Warriors (some graphics) (Taito)
Some Graphics: Animation 20
  • Puzzle Bobble 2 / Puzzle Bobble 2X / Bust-A-Move Again (some graphics) (Taito)
Programming, Some Graphics: NJK Techno
  • Quiz Jinsei Gekijou (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Quiz Theater: 3tsu no Monogatari (some graphics) (Taito)
Some Graphics: NJK Techno
  • RayForce / Gunlock (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Recalhorn (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Riding Fight (some graphics) (Taito)
Some Graphics: Natsume
  • Space Gun (some graphics) (Taito)
  • Top Ranking Stars / Prime Time Fighter (some graphics) (Taito)


  • Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo 3: Seiryuu Densetsu Satsujin Jiken (some coloring) (JP Publisher: Kodansha)
  • Kisetsu o Dakishimete (some digital operation) (JP Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Hat Trick Hero / Super Soccer Champ / Euro Football Champ (JP/US/EU Publisher: Taito)
Graphic designer Hitoshi Sasaki claims to have worked on this as his game industry debut. [5] However, neither he nor any other V.A.P staff is credited.
  • Hit the Ice (US Publisher: Taito)


Pinch-Punch was the name of Visual Arts Production's sound department, which operated from about 1988 to 1992. It was dissolved due to management difficulties. [6]

The following games are listed on the Secret Hiding Place of Pinch-Punch website:


  • Cadash (music, sound effects) (Taito)
  • Cameltry (Taito) *
  • Continental Circus (Taito) *
  • Dino Rex (some music, some sound) (Taito)
  • Fighting Hawk (Taito) **
  • Gunbuster (Taito) *
  • Jigoku Meguri / Bonze Adventure (some sound) (Taito)
  • Mahjong Quest (sound) (Taito)
Developer: Santos
  • Master of Weapon (Taito) *
  • The Ninja Kids (some sound) (Taito)
  • Rambo III (some sound) (Taito)
  • Violence Fight (Taito) *


  • Exceed Limit
  • Green Spirits
  • Tenkuu no Shiro

* - No Pinch-Punch members listed in sound credits
** - No in-game credits at all