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Megasoft (株式会社メガソフト) was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sega (as of December 1991), allegedly the company formerly known as Santos. [1] However, there is some conflicting information.

A former Santos staffer said Santos went bankrupt. [2] Also, the book Japanese Corporate Groups (日本の企業グループ) has December 1991 ("平3.12") listed as when Megasoft was established [3], which would suggest this was a new company. Of course, neither of these things would preclude Sega from buying Santos or its assets.

Tokinori Kaneyasu [兼安時紀], formerly of Data East, appears to have been the president of Megasoft. [4] The company was located in the same building as Treasure (東京都台東区上野 7 - 9 - 15 根本ビル 4F). [5] [6] It was allegedly merged into Sega in November 1992 [7] during the production of the games listed below, but it looks like only the staff was folded into Sega; the company itself was liquidated in 1996. [8] [9]

Research Methods: Interviews, online resources, shared staff

Game Gear [10]

  • Aa Harimanada (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Doraemon: Nora no Suke no Yabou (JP Publisher: Sega)

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Aa Harimanada (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • The Super Shinobi II / Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (JP/US/EU Publisher: Sega; BR Publisher: Tec Toy; KR Publisher: Samsung)