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HanbitSoft Inc. (한빛소프트주식회사) is a Korean publisher and developer established in January 1999 [1] by Kim Young-man, formerly a manager at LG LCD's (formerly LG Soft) software publishing unit. [2] In December 1998, LG LCD was reorganized to focus on its LCD and system integration businesses; the decision was made to get out of the content business, which was becoming less profitable. Kim proposed spinning it off; LG agreed and sold it to Kim for ₩300,000,000. [3]

HanbitSoft initially found great success as the Korean publisher of StarCraft, which would go on to sell six million copies there. [4] The company later focused on online games; developer JoyImpact was acquired in 2003 [5], a joint venture with Hitachi called Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment was established in 2004 to provide services in Japan [6], and a game portal called "Hanbit ON!!" opened in 2005. [7]

In 2008, Kim sold two-thirds of his shares in HanbitSoft to T3 Entertainment. [8]

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  • Tahl () (unreleased)
A Japanese development team was supposed to come to Korea to work on this conversion with HanbitSoft. The Japanese company (apparently Urban Plant [9]) would handle marketing outside of Korea. [10]

HanbitSoft also planned to convert Stone Axe: Search for Elysium to home consoles. [11]


  • Aspire (아스파이어) (KR Publisher: HanbitSoft)
Sound: Inixsoft [12]
  • Nae Chin'gu Puru (내친구푸루) (KR Publisher: HanbitSoft)
  • Tahl (KR Publisher: HanbitSoft)