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Sega Electronics, Inc. was an arcade game manufacturer and video game developer based in San Diego, California. It was originally incorporated in Delaware on April 3, 1970 [1], as Gremlin Industries, Inc. Partners Carl Grindle and Frank Fogleman intended to name the company "Grindleman Industries;" however, the person on the phone misheard it as "Gremlin Industries," and the name stuck. [2]

Gremlin eventually began marketing wall games, then moved on to video games. It was acquired by Sega Enterprises, Inc. (Sega) in 1978, and subsequently the Gremlin/Sega brand (later Sega/Gremlin) was introduced. Feeling the "combined name was awkward and confusing," the branding was dropped, and the company name was changed. [3]

Sega decided to enter the US home video game market in 1982 and tasked a separate group at Sega Electronics to produce conversions of Sega's arcade hits. Sega Electronics was shut down in early 1984, and Sega's remaining US operations were moved to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

Sega Electronics and Sega Enterprises, Inc. remain subsidiaries of CBS Corporation, now named Ages Electronics, Inc. and Ages Entertainment Software LLC respectively.

Gremlin had a sister company called Noval that produced the Noval 760 computer. [4]

Research Methods: Interviews, online resources

Apple II

  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (US Publisher: Sega) [Robert McNally]


  • Astro Blaster (Gremlin/Sega)
  • Battle Star (unreleased) (Gremlin/Sega)
  • Blasto (Gremlin)
  • Blockade (Gremlin)
  • Carnival (Gremlin/Sega)
  • CoMotion (Gremlin)
  • Depthcharge (Gremlin)
  • Digger (Gremlin/Sega)
  • Eliminator (Sega/Gremlin)
  • Frogs (Gremlin)
  • Head-On (Gremlin/Sega)
  • Head-On 2 (Gremlin/Sega)
  • Hustle (Gremlin)
  • Invinco (Gremlin/Sega)
  • Ixion (unreleased) (Sega)
  • Pig Newton (unreleased) (Sega)
  • Pulsar (Gremlin/Sega)
  • Razzmatazz (unreleased) (Sega)
  • Safari (Gremlin)
  • Space Fury (Sega/Gremlin)
  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (Sega)
  • Tac/Scan (Sega)
  • Turbo Tag (unreleased) (Simon & Schuster)
Co-developed with Marvin Glass & Associates
  • Zektor (Sega/Gremlin)

Atari 2600

  • Bear Game (unreleased) (Sega) [Fred Mack]
Based on the unreleased Razzmatazz coin-op
  • Ixion (unreleased) (Sega)
Two versions were in development: one by Jeff Lorenz (ROM available online) and one by contractor Stance Nixon.
  • Spy Hunter (US Publisher: Sega) [Jeff Lorenz]
  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (US Publisher: Sega) [Jeff Lorenz]
  • Sub Scan (US Publisher: Sega)
  • Tac/Scan (US Publisher: Sega) [Jeff Lorenz]
  • Thunderground (US Publisher: Sega) [Jeff Lorenz]

Atari 5200

  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (US Publisher: Sega)

Atari 8-bit

  • Ixion (unreleased) (Sega) [Fred Mack]
  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (US Publisher: Sega)
  • Tac/Scan (unreleased) (Sega)

Commodore 64

  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (US Publisher: Sega)


  • Ixion (unreleased) (Sega)
  • Sub Scan (unreleased) (Sega)
  • Tac/Scan (unreleased) (Sega)