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For reference, here's the staff listing from their old website:


  • Ryoji Honma (本間 亮二) - Siesta
  • Takashi Makino (牧野 高師) - Gust
  • Jun Matsubara (松原 淳)

Sound & Direction:

  • Toshiharu Yamanishi (山西 利治) - Technosoft, Gust


  • Yuu Kaneshige (金重 祐) - Compile, Gust
  • Shinichirou Ootsuka (大塚 真一郎) - Compile
  • Naoko Kudou (工藤 真子) - Compile


  • Mitsuru Ookura (大倉 満) - Siesta
  • Hideyuki Nishimura (H.N)

The original page goes into detail about what titles each person had previously worked on (except for Matsubara and Nishimura due to prior NDAs). [1] --Dimitri (talk) 01:49, 10 May 2018 (UTC)