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TAD Corporation (株式会社ティエィディ) was an arcade game manufacturer and developer founded and headed by Tadashi Yokoyama (aka "TAD"), former general manager of sales at Data East USA. It went bankrupt in December 1992. (OLD!Gamer 11)

TAD experienced a certain level of success in the West, especially with Cabal. Games were targeted at the Western market, and many tests were done outside of Japan to get feedback from players around the world. Williams even offered to buy the company in 1989. (OLD!Gamer 11)

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews


  • Blood Bros. (TAD)
  • Brainstein (unreleased)
Presumably this was an arcade game.
  • Cabal (TAD)
  • Heated Barrel (TAD)
  • JuJu Densetsu / Toki (TAD)
  • Saishu Kakutou Kizoku Legionnaire / Legionnaire (TAD)
  • Sky Smasher (Nihon System)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Blood Bros. (unreleased) [1]
  • JuJu 2 (unreleased as such)
The source code was sold to Altron, which turned it into Little Magic.