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Marble logo

Marble Inc. (有限会社マーブル) was based in Shinagawa, Tokyo. [1] It was located in the KSS Togoshi building, along with publisher KSS and developer Mediamuse. It may have been run by Rikio Jinushi (地主力夫), who may have also run Center Tech.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, shared staff


  • Hotdog Storm (Marble)
Sound: Graphic Research

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD

  • DE-JA (some converter tool creation, some debugging?) (JP Publisher: NEC Interchannel)
Developer: AIC Spirits; Programming: Santos; Music: Witch; Sound Effects, Voice Editing: Studio Cliche (The old Studio Cliche website only lists "audio editing." [2])


  • The Match Golf (JP Publisher: Zoom-X)
Some Graphics: Shimada Kikaku; Some Music: Noise Factory; Sound: Studio Cliche ("Built-in sound source BGM, sound effects, audio editing" according to Studio Cliche website [3]); Sound Design: The Tube; Sound Design, Editing: TVC
  • Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Butouden (JP Publisher: KSS)
Music, Sound Effects: Studio PJ