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CRV (talk) 09:10, 8 February 2013 (CST) [permalink]

Megumi Rescue board

Two arcade games thought gone forever have resurfaced. The first was Megumi Rescue, a title developed by Aicom and Eleca in which you must put out burning buildings and rescue the people inside. The original arcade version never made it past location test, but a Mark III/Master System version that uses the paddle controller was released. The board turned up in a 2011 eBay auction and was purchased by a Japanese buyer, and a video turned up on YouTube in 2012.


Next was Planet Probe. I originally saw this one in the US copyright records and wrote a blog post about it. Things snowballed from there. A board was found, the ROMs were dumped, and it is now playable in MAME. [1] [2]


There are still plenty of lost games, of course, like Shounen Majutsushi Indy (Indy the Magical Kid). This Dragon Quest-esque RPG for the Famicom was demonstrated on a Japanese TV show The TV Power but was never released. It was to be published by IGS and sounds like a Graphic Research game.

Screen shots | Print ad | Video below


Speaking of unreleased Famicom games, here's a promotional video for Nichibutsu's Genjuu Souseiki (Genesis of the Mythical Beasts), which is more of a strategy game: