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CRV (talk) 16:00, 26 April 2013 (CEST) [permalink] [comments]

Originally to be a sequel to VentureVision's Rescue Terra I called Inner Space, Laser Gates is one of Imagic's rarer and more obscure titles for the 2600. That's too bad because it's pretty good.

Your mission is to fly the Dante Dart through the Cryptic Computer and destroy its four Failsafe Detonators (marked "6507") before the Computer self-destructs. Watch out for forcefields, missiles, bats, and other obstacles, and keep an eye on your energy, shields, and time until detonation.

Even more obscure is the Atari 8-bit computer version, available only on the Imagic 1-2-3 compilation disk which also contains Quick Step and Wing War. The graphics are better, and the layout is a little different. No longer restricted to a single Computer, you travel from planet to planet (Computer to Computer?), each one containing a single Detonator. It's kinda like Gradius, or that's what people on the Internet say.

2600 version by Dan Oliver

TIP: To speed things up, fly to the right side of the screen.

REMEMBER: Pins on the Detonators may be booby-trapped!




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