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CRV 08:25, 28 June 2012 (CDT) [permalink] [comments]

Godzilla and his friends have run amok! It's up to you and the Allied Defense Forces to stop them across 12 different scenarios.

Godzilla 2 may seem like a perfectly average strategy game at first, but you're wrong. It's a perfectly average strategy game with a slot machine that affects the battles, e.g., blue hearts increase the player's offensive power, and red shields increase the monster's defensive power. Please consult the manual because you probably won't figure it out on your own.

This is one of the first games I can recall beating (rented it). Looking back, I guess I only beat one of the scenarios, if that. For years, I remembered seeing the image of Godzilla walking away with a hobo knapsack, but it turns out to have been a surrender flag. I just don't know how I had the patience to play this.

The developer is currently unknown.



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