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Allumer Inc. (アルュメ株式会社) was established in February 1978 and was headed by Yoshiaki Tsuyuki (津行良明). Due to increased competition and a lack of successful titles, Allumer withdrew from game development and explored new businesses such as the development of image capturing devices for photo booths, but these efforts also failed. [1] The company suspended business on October 5, 1999 [2], and filed for bankruptcy on February 10, 2015. [3]

Allumer's history is very much intertwined with another game company, Seta. Seta founder and president Jun Fujimoto (富士本淳) was executive director of Allumer. [4] Early on, Seta was based in the Allumer Building. [5] Seta arcade games used Allumer chips. It's debated whether some arcade games, like Taito's Gladiator, were developed by Seta or Allumer.

In 2023, Hamster announced it had acquired the back catalog of Allumer titles. [6]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, shared staff


  • Blandia (Allumer)
  • Mad Shark (Allumer)
Developer: Moss
  • Magical Speed (Namco)
  • Masked Riders Club Battle Race (Banpresto)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam (Banpresto)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: EX Revue (Banpresto)
CG Production: Studio Dews
  • Rezon (Allumer)
  • SD Gundam Neo Battling (Banpresto)
  • Ultraman Club: Tatakae! Ultraman Kyoudai!! (Banpresto)
  • US Classic (Seta)
Music: Goblin Sound; Sound Effects: Natsu System
Seta and Allumer are listed as the authors on the US copyright registration.
  • War of Aero: Project Meiou (Allumer)
  • Zing Zing Zip (Tecmo)


  • Fortune Quest (unreleased) [7]


  • Gokuu Densetsu: Magic Beast Warriors (JP Publisher: Allumer)
  • Idol Promotion: Yumie Suzuki (JP Publisher: Allumer)