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Wood Place Inc. (株式会社ウッドプレイス) was founded by Masao Suzuki (鈴木正夫), who left Nichibutsu in June 1982. It was incorporated in August 1984. The company went bankrupt on March 3, 1988. (Game Machine 1988/4/1, pg. 26)

Before he started KID, Hisayoshi Ichikawa worked as a producer at Wood Place. [1]

A Masao Suzuki is head of JNNEX, distributor of the Retro-Bit Generations system in Japan. It is not confirmed that this is the same person, but one version of the Retro-Bit Generations contains Wood Place games.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews


  • The Alphax Z
Developer: Kaneko (Electro Design?)
  • Clash Road
Developer: Graphic Research
  • The Deep
Some Programming?: Artman; Some Programming, Sound: I.T.L
  • Fire Trap
Shares the same graphical style as The Deep
  • King of Boxer
Planning, Character Design, Graphics: Neue Design; Programming, Sound, Hardware Design: Jastec
  • Ninja Web
For the record, this is an electromechanical game by an American company called Allegro.


  • Family Boxing / Ring King (additional planning) (JP Publisher: Namco; US Publisher: Data East)
Planning, Character Design, Graphics: Neue Design; Programming, Sound: Jastec