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Manjyudo Co., Ltd. (株式会社漫充堂) was a company that sold/exported amusement machines as well as operated leisure facilites and restaurants. It was established in March 1987. Eiko Iida (飯田英子) was the president. [1]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, shared staff


PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • Bouken Danshaku Don: The Lost Sunheart (JP Publisher: I'Max)
Music Driver: Tomcat System?

Big Club/Nihon Soft Hanbai

Given her role as a producer on these games, Iida appears to have also run a company called Big Club (株式会社ビッグ・クラブ). Big Club apparently later became Nihon Soft Hanbai (日本ソフト販売株式会社). [2] There is no conclusive evidence that Big Club/Nihon Soft Hanbai became Manjuydo. Bouken Danshaku Don shares a lot of staff with the games below, but it is said Big Club/Nihon Soft Hanbai went bankrupt. (Nihon Soft Hanbai may have gone bankrupt in 1995. [3])

(In an interview Takane Ohkubo said, "The Genpei Pro group was dissolved after Bravoman, and I left Namco. I went to work at a company called Big Club, where I worked on Jinmu Denshou, Rock-On, and Bouken Danshaku Don for the PC Engine." [4])

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • Armed F (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video)
Originally supposed to be published by Big Club. [5] Later supposed to be published by Nihon Soft Hanbai. [6] Retail release has a "Big Don" copyright.
  • Blade Land (unreleased) (Nihon Soft Hanbai) [7]
  • Jinmu Denshou (JP Publisher: Big Club)
Planning, Some Music: Wolf Team; Some Music: Goblin Sound
  • Rock-On (JP Publisher: Big Club)