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Live Planning, Inc. (ライブプランニング) was established on February 2, 1987. [1] [2] It was headed by Junichiro Kawazoe (河副純一郎), a former company director at record firm and game publisher Meldac [3], and was the predecessor of KAZe. [4] (Did it become KAZe Net?)

Research Methods: Actual mentions


  • Abarenbou Tengu / Zombie Nation (JP/US Publisher: Meldac)
  • Air Fortress (some game design, graphics) (JP/US/EU Publisher: HAL Laboratory)
  • Metal Slader Glory (some music arrangement, some sound effects) (JP Publisher: HAL Laboratory)

Famicom Disk System

  • Fire Bam (production?) (JP Publisher: HAL Laboratory)

Game Boy

  • Battle of Kingdom (JP Publisher: Meldac)
  • Heiankyo Alien (JP/US Publisher: Meldac)
  • Tenjin Kaisen / Mercenary Force (JP/US Publisher: Meldac; EU Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Yomihon Yumegoyomi: Tenjin Kaisen 2 (JP Publisher: Meldac)