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Kan's logo

Kan's Co., Ltd. (株式会社カンズ) was based in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, hidden data, online resources, shared staff

Game Boy

  • Super Pachinko Taisen (JP Publisher: Banpresto)
Graphics: Brightside

Game Boy Advance

  • Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer: Misaki to Yume no Tenshi-tachi (JP Publisher: Epoch)
?: Giraffe Soft?


  • Doraemon 3: Makai no Dungeon (JP Publisher: Epoch)
  • Kakugo no Susume (JP Publisher: Tomy)
Some Programming: Dragnet?
  • Kyoro-chan no Purikura Daisakusen (JP Publisher: Tomy)
Some Graphics: Studio Blue
  • Natsuiro Kenjutsu Komachi (JP Publisher: NEC Interchannel)
  • Posit (JP Publisher: Play Avenue)


  • Densha de Go! EX (JP Publisher: Takara)
?: Dplus; Some Programming?: Parsec

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Appleseed: Prometheus no Shintaku (JP Publisher: Visit)
  • Dear Boys (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
Game Design, Some Graphics: Brightside; Some Programming: Dragnet?
  • Logos Panic GO.A.I.SA.TU. (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
  • Super Drift Out (sound programming?) (JP Publisher: Visco)
Programming: Dragnet
  • The Shinri Game 2: Magical Trip (JP Publisher: Visit)
  • Super Gussun Oyoyo (JP Publisher: Banpresto)
  • Super Gussun Oyoyo 2 (JP Publisher: Banpresto)
  • Super Pachinko Taisen (JP Publisher: Banpresto)


  • Densha de Go! (support?) (JP Publisher: Unbalance)
Developer: Cybelle
  • Lodoss-tou Senki II: Goshiki no Maryuu (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Micro Cabin)
Original Work, etc.: Group SNE; Programming: Falcon?; Some Graphics?: O-Two


  • Puzzle Bobble (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
Programming, Graphics, Sound: Yoshidayama-Workshop
  • Space Invaders (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
Sound: Yoshidayama-Workshop