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Jorudan logo

Jorudan Co., Ltd. (ジョルダン株式会社) is a software company based in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Toshikazu Sato (佐藤俊和) is the president and CEO. [1] Until December 1989, the company was known as Jordan Information Service Co., Ltd. (株式会社ジョルダン情報サービス). [2] (The company name is derived from the French mathematician Camille Jordan. [3])

Jorudan was established in December 1979 [4] by Sato, along with Mitsuo Honda (本田光雄) (later a manager at Jorudan; now deceased) [5] and at least one other person. [6] They previously worked for a company called SG [7], which made office computers and later turned to contract software development. [8]

A manufacturer came to SG wanting to make a game, initially one similar to Space Invaders. However, Sato's colleagues were strongly opposed to developing video games, so Sato formed an independent team to develop them. They proceeded to make the racing game Rolling Crash for Nichibutsu to much acclaim, but the atmosphere at SG remained hostile, so they decided to start their own company. [9]

Among the earliest products by Jorudan were the arcade game Crazy Climber (also for Nichibutsu) and English learning software for NEC's PC-8000 series of computers. [10] Today, the company's main focus is its navigation apps Norikae Annai and Japan Transit Planner. [11]

For many years, Jorudan developed and later published video games. It pulled out of the game industry in 2004, but announced its return to the console game business in 2007, concentrating on the Nintendo DS and Wii. [12] The return was short-lived, however; Jorudan's last game was published in 2009. [13]

In February 1999, Jorudan started a subsidiary called Nekogumi Co., Ltd. (株式会社ねこぐみ) to strengthen game development. It was liquidated in March 2001. [14]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, code comparisons, hidden data, shared staff


  • 1 on 1 Government (Tecmo)
Sound: Team X-Fade
  • Arbalester (Seta)
  • Captain Silver (Data East) [15]
According to former Data East programmer Akira Sakuma, the game was planned by Akiyama at Data East, but the actual development work was done by Jorudan.
  • Crazy Climber (Nichibutsu)
  • Fire Trap (Wood Place)
  • Frisky Tom (Nichibutsu)
  • Meta Fox (Seta)
  • Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu)
  • Wiping / Rug Rats (Nichibutsu)


  • Captain Silver (programming) (JP Publisher: Tokuma Shoten)
  • Hydlide 3: Yami kara no Houmon-sha (JP Publisher: Namco)

Game Boy

  • Battle Bull (JP/US Publisher: Seta)
Sound: Opus?
  • Hitori de Dekirumon! Cooking Densetsu (JP Publisher: VAP)
Sound: Opus
  • Monster Maker: Barcode Saga (JP Publisher: Namco)
  • Torpedo Range (JP Publisher: Seta; US Publisher: Romstar)

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Super Hydlide (JP Publisher: Asmik; US Publisher: Seismic; EU/AU Publisher: Sega)
Sound: Goblin Sound
  • Task Force Harrier EX (JP/US Publisher: Treco)
PCM: Opus


  • 1 on 1 / Simple 1500 Series Vol. 30: The Basket: 1 on 1 Plus (JP Publisher: Jorudan/D3 Publisher)
Sound: Team X-Fade
  • Angel Graffiti: Anata e no Profile (programming) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Hamster Club-i (JP Publisher: Jorudan)
Some Graphics: Artbom
  • Hard Blow (JP Publisher: Electronic Arts)
  • Hiza no Ue no Partner: Kitty On Your Lap (programming) (JP Publisher: Culture Publishers)
Production: Astrovision, Kaneko; Sound: Two Five
  • Hoshi no Mahoroba (JP Publisher: Jorudan)
Monster Design, CG Production: Digital Zero?; Sound: Light Link Music
  • Igarashi Mikio no Sky Gorget (unreleased) (Jorudan)
  • Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride (programming) (JP Publisher: Atlus)
Production: Astrovision; Graphics: Avit; Sound: Opus
  • The Kick Boxing / Kickboxing / Kickboxing Knockout (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher; US Publisher: A1 Games; EU Publisher: Midas Interactive)
  • Meitantei Conan (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Production: Astrovision; Game Music: Opus
  • Norikae Annai: 2000-nen Han (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher)
  • Paranoiascape (JP Publisher: Mathilda)
Mathilda was a brand Jorudan only ever used on this game; 1 on 1 was also supposed to be published under this name. [16] [17]

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Aliens vs. Predator / Alien vs. Predator (JP Publisher: IGS; US/AU Publisher: Activision)
  • Choukou Gasshin Xardion / Xardion (JP/US Publisher: Asmik)
Original Concept Design: Gainax
  • Date Kimiko no Virtual Tennis (JP Publisher: B-AI)
Some Graphics: Tenky?; Sound: Opus
  • Gamble Hourouki (JP Publisher: VAP)
  • Gdleen (JP Publisher: Seta)
  • Gousou Shinrai Densetsu: Musya / Musya: The Classic Japanese Tale of Horror (JP Publisher: Datam Polystar; US Publisher: Seta)
  • Hisshou 777 Fighter: Pachi Slot Eiyu Densetsu (JP Publisher: VAP)
  • Hisshou 777 Fighter II: Pachi Slot Maruhi Jouhou (JP Publisher: VAP)
Some Graphics: Tenky?
  • Hisshou 777 Fighter III: Kokuryuu Ou no Fukkatsu (JP Publisher: VAP)
  • Imperium / Kidou Soukou Dion (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
  • Pachinko Maruhi Hisshouhou (JP Publisher: VAP)
Some Graphics: Tenky?
  • Pachinko Renchan Tengoku: Super CR Special (JP Publisher: VAP)
Sound Driver: Opus
  • Shin Ikkaku Senkin (JP Publisher: VAP)
Sound: Opus
  • Shinzui Taikyoku Igo: Go Sennin (JP Publisher: J-Wing)
  • Sprinter Monogatari: Mezase!! Ikkaku Senkin (JP Publisher: VAP)
Sound: Opus

Virtual Boy

  • Virtual Dodgeball (unreleased) (Hect) [18]


Nekogumi logo


  • Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol. 04: Ryouri: Teiban Ryouri Recipe Shuu (JP Publisher: D3Publisher)
  • Simple 1500 Series Vol. 11: The Pinball (JP Publisher: Culture Publishers)
  • Simple 1500 Series Vol. 25: The Keiba (JP Publisher: D3Publisher)
  • Simple 1500 Series Vol. 26: The Tennis / Tennis / All Star Tennis (JP Publisher: D3Publisher: US Publisher: A1 Games; EU Publisher: Midas)
  • Simple 1500 Series Vol. 32: The Boxing / Boxing / All Star Boxing (JP Publisher: D3Publisher: US Publisher: A1 Games; EU Publisher: Midas)