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Fortyfive Co., Ltd. (株式会社フォーティファイブ) was founded on May 5, 1990, as AIM (株式会社エイム) and was headed by Hideaki Tsujikawa (辻川英章). [1] Some programmers from Advance Communication made up the early staff. The company was renamed in June 1998. [2]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources (see Links), shared staff



  • Armadillo (JP Publisher: IGS)

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • Honoo no Toukyuuji: Dodge Danpei (JP Publisher: Hudson)

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD

  • Fausseté Amour (JP Publisher: Naxat Soft)
  • Lodoss Tou Senki II (JP Publisher: Hudson)
Some Graphics: ADS, Ocarina System; Sound: T's Music

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Crayon Shin-chan: Nagagutsu Dobon!! (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Sound: Twofive; Sound Driver: Cube
  • Daikaijuu Monogatari II (planning, programming, some graphics) (JP Publisher: Hudson)
Direction, Scenario, Etc.: Birthday; Some Graphics: ADS; Music/Sound Effects Programming: Denki-Mirai; Sound Effects/Arrangement: Joe Down Studio
  • Doraemon 3: Nobita to Toki no Hougyoku (JP Publisher: Epoch)
Sound: T's Music
  • Hi no Ouji: Yamato Takeru (JP Publisher: Toho)
???: Multimedia Intelligence Transfer; Sound: T's Music
  • Inspector Gadget (US Publisher: Hudson)
Sound Programming: USP?; Sound Composition: Sound M's?
  • Lord Monarch (JP Publisher: Epoch)
  • Shounin yo, Taishi o Idake!! (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Game Design: Mars; Sound: Light Link Music, T's Music
  • SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (US Publisher: Hudson)
Sound: T's Music

Virtual Boy

  • Wangan Sensen Red City (unreleased) (Asmik) [3]

As Fortyfive


  • Sega Driving Simulator (Sega) [4]
  • Tokyo Bus Guide (Fortyfive)


  • Hello Kitty no Garden Panic (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • July (JP Publisher: Fortyfive)
?: Mcreate; Sound: T's Music
  • Love Hina: Smile Again (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Love Hina: Totsuzen no Engage Happening (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Tokyo Bus Guide (JP Publisher: Fortyfive)
VM Programming: TACTservice; Graphics: OOZ, Tiny Art, Cepia; Graphic Support: Mcreate, Beat Links; Music: Atman; Sound Effects: T's Music
  • Tsuushin Taisen Logic Battle Daisessen (JP Publisher: Fortyfive)
Sound: T's Music
  • Weakness Hero Torauman DC (JP Publisher: NEC Interchannel)
?: Mcreate; Sound Editing: T's Music

Game Boy Advance

  • Kaeru B Back (JP Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten) [5] [6] [7]
Planning: General Entertainment, Studio Shun; Sound: T's Music; Support: Studio Comet, Group ZEN
  • Meitantei Conan: Nerawareta Tantei (co-developed with Making) (JP Publisher: Banpresto) [8]
Co-Production: Banpresoft; Sound: T's Music

PlayStation 2

  • Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time (CG production) (JP Publisher: Atlus)
Developer: Career Soft; Sound: T's Music


  • Desktop Ojarumaru (JP Publisher: Fortyfive) [9]
  • Tarepanda (JP Publisher: NEC Interchannel) [10]
  • Weakness Hero Torauman (JP Publisher: NEC Interchannel)
?: Mcreate