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FACS Programming Services, Inc. was a subsidiary of Ann Arbor, Michigan-based F.A.C.S. Inc. (assumed name of Finance, Accounting and Computer Service Inc. [1]). It was incorporated on September 1, 1985, and was located in Farmington Hills and later West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. [2]

Gary K. Brown was president, and Denny Thorley was vice president. [3] Thorley later co-founded and was president of FASA Interactive. He is currently president of Day 1 Studios. [4]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources (see Links), shared staff


  • The Games: Winter Edition (US Publisher: Epyx)

Apple II

  • Impossible Mission II (US Publisher: Epyx)
  • Spiderbot (US Publisher: Epyx)

Commodore 64

  • Apache Strike (US Publisher: Activision)
  • Heavy Barrel (unreleased) (Data East)


  • Apache Strike (US Publisher: Activision)
  • The Games: Winter Edition (US Publisher: Epyx)
  • Robocop (US Publisher: Data East)


  • California Games II