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David Thiel has been in the electronic game industry since 1980. Thiel programmed the underlying sound system and wrote and arranged the music, sound effects, and voices for all of the projects listed below (except Stern pinball projects). Thiel is also a computer programmer and designed and programmed the development tools as needed.

Game list

At Gottlieb/Mylstar

  • Reactor (arcade)
  • Protector / VideoMan / Guardian / Argus (unreleased) (arcade)
  • Quizimodo (unreleased) (arcade)
  • Q*bert (arcade)
  • Insector (unreleased) (arcade)
  • Mad Planets (arcade)
  • Krull (arcade)
  • M.A.C.H. 3 (arcade) (spec'd and debugged the sound board)

At Action Graphics

  • Artillery Duel (conversion) (C64, 2600, ColecoVision, PCJr)
  • Pitstop (conversion) (Atari 8-bit, ColecoVision, C64)
  • Wrote an interactive scripting language for audio control and sequencing. Versions of this language were used for all projects below.
  • Beamrider (conversion) (Colecovision)
  • Rock n' Bolt (C64)
  • Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Word Book Ever (Coleco Adam)
  • Jeopardy! (Coleco Adam)
  • Family Feud (Coleco Adam)
  • Winter Games (C64)

At Incredible Technologies

Founding partner

  • Championship Wrestling (C64, Amiga)
  • Winter Games (Amiga, Atari ST)
  • Three Stooges, The (Amiga) (Amiga version won SPA award for best game sound)
  • DuckTales, Disney's: The Quest for Gold (Amiga)
  • Capcom Bowling (Incredible Technologies Arcade System I) (spec'd the sound system)
  • Golden Tee Golf (Incredible Technologies Arcade System I)
  • Wheel of Fortune (Incredible Technologies Arcade System I)
  • Rim Rockin' Basketball (Incredible Technologies Arcade System I)
  • Wrote the SDK and developed a sound effects development tool and demo set of sound effects for the AdLib Sound Card for AdLib of Canada (OPL I FM)
  • Laser War [pinball] (Data East Sound Board I) (spec'd and debugged the sound board)
  • Secret Service [pinball] (Data East Sound Board I)
  • Torpedo Alley [pinball] (Data East Sound Board I)
  • Time Machine [pinball] (Data East Sound Board I)
  • ABC Monday Night Football [pinball] (Data East Sound Board I)
  • BattleTech installation sound board (Navy Pier, Chicago) (spec'd and debugged the 4.1 sound board and managed sound development)
  • Slick Shot (Incredible Technologies Arcade System I) (sound and project management)
  • Dyno Bop (Incredible Technologies Arcade System I) (game design and project management)
  • Strata Bowling (Incredible Technologies Arcade System II)
  • Time Killers (Incredible Technologies Arcade System II) (spec'd and debugged the sound board)
  • Driver's Edge (Incredible Technologies Arcade System III) (spec'd and debugged a 4.1 channel sound system for a sit-down driving cabinet and developed car engine sound effects)
  • Street Fighter: The Movie (Incredible Technologies Arcade System II) (converted original Street Fighter tunes from MIDI and voiced them for the IT soundboard)

At Aud4Int

Sole proprietor of this "audio for interaction" consulting company

  • Disney's Pirate of the Caribbean [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • Family Guy [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • Spider-Man [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • Wheel of Fortune [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "CSI [pinball] (Stern Pinball)"
  • Indiana Jones [pinball] (Stern Pinball) *CSI: Crime Scene Investigation [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • NBA [pinball] (Stern Pinball) [1]
  • "Iron Man" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "Avatar" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "Tron" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "The Rolling Stones" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "Transformers" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "The Avengers" (sound FX and interactive editing) [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "AC/DC" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "X-Men" [pinball] (Stern Pinball) [2][3][4][5][6]
  • "Star Trek" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "Mustang" [pinball] (Stern Pinball)
  • "Attack of the Wall Street Titan" [video game] (Dark Tonic, IOS/Android) [7]
  • "Treasure Tombs" [video game] (Dark Tonic, IOS/Android) [8]
  • "Crazy Money Millionaire" [casino game] (Highpoint) [9]
  • "Car Nation" [casino game] (Highpoint) [10]
  • "Descendants of the Dragon" [casino game] (Highpoint) [11]
  • "Enchanted Genies" [casino game] (Highpoint0 [12]
  • "Mardi Gras Mania" [casino game] (Highpoint) [13]
  • "Bacon Time" [casino game] (Highpoint) [14]
  • "Siren's Moon" [casino game] (Highpoint) [15]
  • "Forever Knight" [casino game] (Highpoint)
  • "The Hobbit" [pinball] (Jersey Jack Pinball)