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Aisystem Tokyo (株式会社アイシステム東京) was a group company of Aisystem [1] [2] established on May 2, 1989. [3] Its head office was located near its parent company's in Matsudo, Chiba, while the development division was located in Chiyoda, Tokyo (hence the name of the company?). [4]

Aisystem Tokyo went bankrupt in 2005 [5] [6], but Aisystem remained in business and continued to operate the Go-Net online igo service and salon until August 2021. [7]

(We decided to write the name as "Aisystem" long ago, but Aisystem Tokyo and its parent company have written it inconsistently over the years [Ai System, AI-system].)

The following list is mostly derived from a company overview on the Aisystem Tokyo website. We have attempted to corroborate it by running code comparisons and looking at game credits and hidden data.


  • Change Air Blade (programming?) (Sammy)
Sound: Fupac [8]
This is an educated guess. The company website just says "Air Blade." (Former NMK staff allegedly worked on this. [9])
  • Go Go Cowboy [medal game] (Sammy)
  • Doki Doki Kingyo Sukui [medal game] (Sammy)
  • "Under Development"


  • Pachislot Adventure 3: Bitaoshii 7 Kenzan! (programming) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Perfect Bowling (programming?) (JP Publisher: Tonkin House)
This was originally a Coconuts Japan game. [10]

Game Boy

  • Konchuu Hakase (some graphics) (JP Publisher: J-Wing)
Sound: Sound Media
  • Pachio-kun 2 (programming) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Pachio-kun 3 (programming) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Pachislot Kids 2 (programming) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Pachislot Kids 3 (programming) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)

Game Boy Color

  • Kandume Monsters Parfait (JP Publisher: Starfish)
  • Macross 7: Ginga no Heart o Furuwa Sero!! (JP Publisher: Epoch)
?: Gamates
  • "Under Development"

Mark III/Master System

  • Solomon no Kagi: Oujo Rihita no Namida (programming?) (JP Publisher: Salio)
This came out over a year before Aisystem Tokyo was started, but it was listed on the Aisystem Tokyo website.

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Bad Omen / Devilish: The Next Possession (programming?) (JP Publisher: Hot-B; US Publisher: Sage's Creation; KR Publisher: Samsung)
  • Go-Net (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Hit the Ice (US Publisher: Taito)
  • Nakajima Satoru Kanshuu F-1 Hero MD / Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (programming, sound) (JP Publisher: Varie; US/EU Publisher: Flying Edge)
  • Rainbow Islands Extra (programming?) (JP Publisher: Taito)
Sound Driver: Cube?
  • Thunder Fox (programming, graphics) (JP/US Publisher: Taito)
  • Uchuu Senkan Gomora (JP Publisher: UPL)
Sound Driver: Cube?

Mega CD/Sega CD

  • Genei Toshi: Illusion City (JP Publisher: Micro Cabin)
Planning, Production: Arrow Soft
  • Night Striker (JP Publisher: Taito)
  • The Ninja Warriors (JP Publisher: Taito)


  • Choro Q [DoCoMo 503i]
  • City Connection [au]
  • City Connection [DoCoMo 503i]
  • City Connection DX [DoCoMo 504i]
  • Dengeki! Radar Sakusen [DoCoMo 503i]
  • Exerion [au]
  • Exerion [DoCoMo 503i]
  • Exerion DX [DoCoMo 504i]
  • Gundam Smash [DoCoMo 503i]
  • Isoge! Iscandar [DoCoMo 503i]
  • Kokumin-teki Bishoujo [DoCoMo 503i]
  • Newtype Kenkyuujo [DoCoMo 503i]
  • Party Gundam [DoCoMo 503i]
  • 積み上がれG! [DoCoMo 503i]
  • 撃て!波動砲! [DoCoMo 503i]
  • ヤマト波動砲ルーレット [DoCoMo 503i]

Several of the games listed above are minigames that were part of a service from Bandai Networks called Chara Gameland. It is difficult to pin down the final names for some of them. [11] [12]


  • Daisenryaku II: Campaign Version (JP Publisher: Micro Cabin)
  • Super Shanghai: Dragon's Eye (JP Publisher: Hot-B)

Nintendo 64

  • Nushi Tsuri 64: Shiokaze ni Notte (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video)
The ending credits and the credits in the manual are very different. Only the latter mentions Aisystem Tokyo. (The Aisystem Tokyo website also lists Nushi Tsuri 64.)

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • Final Blaster (programming) (JP Publisher: Namco)
Developer: N.H. System/Nova
  • The NewZealand Story (JP Publisher: Taito)

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD

  • "Karaoke Game"


  • G Darius (JP Publisher: Taito; US/EU Publisher: THQ)
  • King of Bowling (programming, [some?] graphics) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
Sound Effects: Pure Sound
  • Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo: High-Tech Building Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Maki (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku EX (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: KSS)
Developer: Soft Machine
  • "Pachinko Simulation"
  • Puzzle Bobble 3 DX / Bust-A-Move 3 DX / Bust-A-Move '99 (programming, some graphics) (JP Publisher: Taito; EU/US Publisher: Acclaim)


  • Darius Gaiden (JP Publisher: Taito, US Publisher: Acclaim)
  • Skull Fang: Kuuga Gaiden (JP Publisher: Data East)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Honkaku Shogi: Fuuunji Ryuuou (graphics) (JP Publisher: Virgin)
  • Honkakuha Igo: Gosei (JP Publisher: Taito)
  • Honke Hanafuda (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Some Graphics: ?; Sound Programming, Sound Effects: Pure Sound
  • Jissen Kyoutei (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Game Design: ?; Sound Programming, Sound Effects: Pure Sound
  • Operation Thunderbolt (programming, some graphics) (US Publisher: Taito)
  • Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson's: Kokusai Kyuujotai Shutsudou seyo! (some programming) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Developer: Nova; Some Programming: Soft Machine?; Sound: USP?

Virtual Boy

  • "Sports"


  • "Common Adventure Development System"
  • "Under Development"


  • Lode Runner for WonderSwan (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: Banpresto)
Coordination: Arowana; Stage Design: Fupac
  • Nice On (JP Publisher: Sammy)
Some Sound: Studio PJ
  • "Under Development"


  • Super Shanghai: Dragon's Eye (some programming, some graphics) (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother])
Production, Direction, Some Graphics: Hot-B; Some Programming: Soft Machine?; (Some?) Sound: Cube