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APh Technological Consulting was an engineering firm based in Pasadena, California. It was formed in 1974 as a limited partnership by two California Institute of Technology (Caltech) students, Glenn Hightower and John Denker. [1] (APh is an abbreviation for applied physics. [2])

In 1976, APh was hired by Mattel to help design the Intellivision system. They also developed the operating system and the first games. [3]

Several members of APh left in 1982 and started Cheshire Engineering after a dispute over profits from developing Mattel's "M Network" line of Atari 2600 games. [4]

Research Methods: Online resources


  • Adventures of Tron [Hal Finney, Glenn Hightower]
  • Air Raiders [Larry Zwick]
  • Armor Ambush [Hal Finney]
  • Astroblast [Hal Finney]
  • Dark Cavern [Hal Finney]
  • Frogs and Flies [David Rolfe]
  • International Soccer [Kevin Miller]
  • Lock 'n' Chase [Bruce Pedersen]
  • Sea Battle / High Seas (unreleased) [Larry Zwick, Bruce Pedersen]
  • Sharp Shot (unreleased) [Jeff Ronne]
  • Space Attack [Hal Finney, Bruce Pedersen]
  • Super Challenge Baseball [David Rolfe]
  • Super Challenge Football [Ken Smith]
  • Tron Deadly Discs / Deadly Discs [Jeff Ronne, Brett Stutz]


  • ABPA Backgammon / Backgammon [Kevin Miller]
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain [Tom Loughry]
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasures of Tarmin [Tom Loughry]
  • Adventures of Tron (unreleased) [Peter Kaminski]
  • Air Battle (unfinished)
  • Air Strike (unfinished) [Peter Kaminski]
  • Arcade (unfinished)
  • Armor Battle [Chris Kingsley]
  • Auto Racing [Larry Zwick]
  • Baseball II / All-Star Major League Baseball (became World Championship Baseball, an INTV release prepared by Quicksilver Software) [Dan Dickerson]
  • Basketball II (unfinished) [Scott Bishop]
  • Boxing [Tom Loughry]
  • Brickout! (unreleased) [Rich O'Keefe]
  • Checkers / Draughts [David Rolfe]
  • Demo Cartridge (1980)
  • Demo Cartridge (1982)
  • The Electric Company: Math Fun [Kimo Yap]
  • The Electric Company: Word Fun [Kevin Miller, Don Bacon]
  • Explorer (unfinished)
  • Frog Bog [Peter Kaminski, Tom Soulanille]
  • Horse Racing [Chris Hawley]
  • Land Battle (unreleased) [Glyn Anderson]
  • Las Vegas Craps (unreleased)
  • Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack [David Rolfe]
  • Las Vegas Roulette [Walter Bright, John Brooks]
  • Major League Baseball / Baseball [David Rolfe]
  • More of Theirs (unreleased) [John Brooks]
  • NASL Soccer / Soccer [Kevin Miller]
  • NBA Basketball / Basketball [Ken Smith]
  • NFL Football / Football [Kevin Miller, Ken Smith, Glyn Anderson (instant replay feature)]
  • NHL Hockey / Hockey [Ken Smith]
  • PGA Golf / Golf [Scott Bishop]
  • Reversi [Greg Favor]
  • Royal Dealer [Rich O'Keefe]
  • Sea Battle [Ken Smith]
  • Sharp Shot [Frank Evans]
  • Space Armada [John Brooks, Chris Hawley]
  • Space Battle [Hal Finney]
  • Star Strike [Hal Finney, Brett Stutz]
  • Sub Hunt [Tom Loughry]
  • Takeover / Empire (unreleased) [Jeff Ronne]
  • Tennis [Gavin Claypool, Chris Lutz]
  • Test Cartridge
  • TV Powww! games (later released as Sharp Shot)
  • Triple Action [Rich O'Keefe]
  • U.S. Ski Team Skiing / Skiing / Alpine Skiing [Scott Reynolds, Terry Ligocki]

Intellivision Keyboard Component

  • BASIC Programming Language [Ken Smith]
  • Chartcraft Stock Analysis (unreleased) [Jon Buss, Bill Chapman, Kevin Miller, Scott Reynolds]
  • Conversational French [credits here: [5]]
  • Demo Cassette [Ken Smith, Hal Finney]
  • Jack LaLanne's Physical Conditioning [Robby Butler, Tom Loughry, Hal Finney, John Brooks, Mark Stroberg]
  • Jeane Dixon Astrology (unreleased) [Kevin Miller, Greg Favor]
  • Spelling Challenge


  • Mission X (unreleased)