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Regarding Ultra Keibitai: Monster Attack, out of curiosity I checked the game's ending (the ones I transcribed are from the opening sequence) which has a slightly longer staff roll with a few extra names. One of the additional artists there is "金由 活之", which looks like "金田 浩之" (Hiroyuki Kaneda) if you squint. I've got a suspicion the staff listing is mostly such aliases. I'll get them transcribed soon. --Dimitri (talk) 05:41, 8 January 2023 (UTC)

Updated the transcription with the more-complete ending credits. The additional sound credits are from Studio PJ, who worked on a couple other A.I GBA titles. --Dimitri (talk) 07:59, 9 January 2023 (UTC)

Found Minoru Esaki's Twitter account. He talked about FC Genjin. Mentioned programmer A, who also worked Kame no Ongaeshi and PCE Kyuukyoku Tiger. [1] CRV (talk) 16:02, 7 July 2018 (UTC)