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SoftOffice CO,.LTD. (株式会社ソフトオフィス) was based in Gokodori, Chuo Ward, Kobe. It was involved with game software development and sales [1], computer graphics production [2], and web hosting. [3] Hiroshi Watanabe (渡部浩) was the president. (The company profile says it was established on February 13, 1996, but the opening paragraph says it was established in 1991. [4])

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Daibouken Deluxe: Harukanaru Umi (JP Publisher: SoftOffice)
?: Playsystem
  • First Queen IV: Varcia Senki (opening CG) (JP Publisher: Kure Software Koubou)
  • Pastel Muses / Simple 1500 Series Vol. 20: The Puzzle (JP Publisher: SoftOffice/D3 Publisher)
  • Sokoban Basic 2 (JP Publisher: Unbalance)
Support: Thinking Rabbit


  • Daibouken: Saint Elmo's no Kiseki (JP Publisher: Pai)
Movie: FAB; Some Sound: NADI
  • GVector (JP Publisher: SoftOffice)
  • Maboroshi no Sakana: The Phantom Fish (unreleased) (SoftOffice) [5]
  • Pastel Muses (JP Publisher: SoftOffice)