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*''Pro Stadium'' (co-developed with Octagon Entertainment?) (JP Publisher: Sanyo)
*''Pro Stadium'' (JP Publisher: Sanyo)
:<small>Some Sound: Music Worx, Joedown?</small>
:<small>Production?: Octagon Entertainment; Some Sound: Music Worx, Joedown</small>
===Game Boy Advance===
===Game Boy Advance===

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Workman Corp., Inc. (株式会社ワークマン) produces and develops otome and adult games under the Matatabi and Kiss brands respectively. It was established on September 9, 1993. The president is Masamichi Funahashi (船橋正道), who previously worked at Now Production.

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  • Pro Stadium (JP Publisher: Sanyo)
Production?: Octagon Entertainment; Some Sound: Music Worx, Joedown

Game Boy Advance

  • Goemon: New Age Shutsudou! (some planning, programming, graphics; under subcontract with Now Production) (JP Publisher: Konami)
Sound: Music Worx

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Spanky no Orifuru Puzzle (unreleased) (Natsume) [1]