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Wavedge (ウェイヴエッジ) was an Osaka, Japan-based "consolidated subsidary" [1] or "associated company" of Takara apparently closed as part of a reorganization of the toy giant in 2001. [2] (post 134)

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, shared staff


  • Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Beybattle Tournament / Beyblade: Let it Rip! / Beyblade: Hyper Vitesse! Let it Rip! (JP Publisher: Takara; US Publisher: Crave Entertainment; EU Publisher: Atari)
  • Chiisana Kyojin Microman (JP Publisher: Takara) [3]
  • Transformers: Beast Wars Metals: Gekitotsu! Gangan Battle (JP Publisher: Takara; US Publisher: BAM! Entertainment)

PlayStation 2

  • Real Robot Regiment (JP Publisher: Banpresto) [4]
  • Super Robot Taisen Impact (some 3D CG animation) (JP Publisher: Banpresto) [5]